The Ultimate Frozen Beach Cocktail

I’m standing in the kitchen, a few rogue swipes of sand still clinging to my bare feet. Cold spills out of the refrigerator, the door flung wide open by beachgoers searching for lunch and a cocktail. “G&T?” “No, something else.” “What?” “I don’t know, something different.” I peer into what remains of the beach week’s last Publix run—a bag of deli-sliced turkey, a bottle of mayo, some cheese and crackers, half a bottle of grapefruit juice, a frosty can of limeade concentrate. I think, I can work with this. 

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that from those less than auspicious beginnings came the best beach cocktail I’ve ever had. Leave your frosé and piña coladas at the door, because this is the easy frozen drink you’ll find yourself making all summer long. It’s ready in five minutes, and it uses only four ingredients. Three, if you don’t count the crushed ice. Whether you’re at the beach with your toes in the salty surf or in your backyard ankles-deep in a lukewarm kiddie pool, this should be your companion. This, the smoothest sip of summer.