This $3 Scraper Is the Secret to Safely Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

There are so many reasons to love cast iron cookware. It’s relatively affordable, versatile, and adds a ton of flavor to your favorite dishes, not to mention, it lasts for decades if you clean and care for it properly. In fact, plenty of folks pass down pieces to younger generations, and if you plan to do the same—or simply want to get as many years out of yours as possible—then you’re going to need a set of these popular pan cleaners.

These durable pan scrapers from Lodge are designed to gently clean cast iron cookware without scratching or damaging surfaces. The strong but flexible polycarbonate tools are on sale for just $3 and make it incredibly easy to remove gunk, burnt-on food, and more from your favorite cookware. No wonder over 2,000 Amazon shoppers gave them a five-star review.