Ree Drummond Is Obsessed with This Kitchen Tool

When it comes to navigating the kitchen, in mama’s recipe cards and Ree Drummond we trust.

That’s why we were surprised to learn that the Food Network star’s favorite kitchen gadget is a humble tool that will only set you back $10 or $20. A fish spatula.

Yup, The Pioneer Woman swears by this humble but mighty gizmo. “The tool I reach for the most is technically a fish spatula,” Drummond told “It’s angled, it has a very sharp edge. But I use it for pretty much anything because of how sharp and precise it is.”

Considering she lives in a landlocked state, you may be wondering how the Pawhuska, Oklahoma Princess finds this tool so handy. For Drummond, the fish spatula works wonders for scooping up a delicate egg or picking up meats while allowing the oils to drip into the pan. “I don’t use it for fish at all,” Drummond quips, but yes, you can use it for working with fish, too.